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October 11, 2005



What a lovely post,Mary...and a fanstastic obituary. I do wish I'd been more than peripherally aware of Jeremy M...and love the thought of chancing upon a manuscript while sheltering in the Lambeth Palace Library. (I nearly typed that as the Lambeth Library...where I have actually sheltered on occasion, but which is a very different kettle of fish!)
Perhaps we ought to aim to revisit our roots periodically,and see what comes up. I so enjoyed my spot of Traherne hunting, - and then this followed :-)

Leo Daugherty

I really enjoyed and appreciated your remembrance of Jeremy Maule. I had not known he had died until reading a book by Brian Vickers two years ago in which he refers to Jeremy as "the late . . . ." I met Jeremy in the early spring of 1983 at Oxford. He was still at Christ Church then, finishing his doctorate (as I remember). I was on sabbatical. I had been at a meeting of the Friends of the Bodleian and had then gone over to Blackwell's. I was browsing there when this huge guy came up and said he'd seen me at the meeting and wanted to know if I'd be available for dinner. I think I was a little startled; that sort of thing doesn't happen in Oxford very often (sadly, perhaps). (I remember taking note of his feet as we stood there, marvelling upon the fact that they were perhaps the largest I had ever seen, even a bit larger than my own.) We went out to an Indian restaurant, ate very hot curry, and talked about two very obscure writers: Patrick Hannay and Richard Brathwait, upon whom we were respectively working. We got together several times afterward as well, and then we wrote back and forth a bit after I came home. I probably spent a total of twelve hours with Jeremy, and yet I have always remembered him and I always will. His was an unforgettable presence.


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