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December 26, 2005



hee hee - I'm putting my money on incense featuring next year ;)

It sounds a lovely service, and a good way to start what must have been quite an odd Christmas for you - much love to you as you move into the promise and unknown-ness that 2006 must hold.


Ah hah...I wonder, now, what about copes....!!
I'm still wearing my Reader gear as it had only had 10 years of wear, so has most of its working life still ahead..and this saves the angst re number of buttons etc too!
I'd be willing to bet that there were more than a handful of takers for the candles...amazing how powerful and popular they are!


Copes: no I don't think so, or incense either, as Jackie knows very well! But my 6 week placement after Christmas is at a church with a strong catholic tradition (from both its constituent congregations)and I will need to wear an alb and do some deaconing and more serious processing, as well as an assessed sermon... so we'll see what I bring back from that. Our chaste lack of ritual is under threat from the Caribbean as well, as one of our Readers is spending a year in Grenada where she is having to learn about incense, bells and other foreign concepts....


Ah hah...well, it was the Afro Caribbean influence at St John the Divine, Kennington, that really made sense of the ritual for me. My childhood church was "high" but it seemed pretty unhelpful and meaningless to me then... SJDK joined the dots between liturgy and reality in a way that was hugely significant.
It's also where I met Nigel, - as I've probably told you.
Where are you doing your placement? It sounds fun ;-)


It's at St George's, Perry Hill, (http://www.southwark.anglican.org/parishes/200bk1.htm), a new building on the site of the old church, which opened on Christmas Eve last year prepared for a big congregation of 50 or so at the Crib Service and found itself with 350.... so spent the rest of the evening preparing for a similar influx at Midnight. I haven't been inside yet but apparently it has a font with flowing water and an aumbry with blue lights around it.... it should, indeed be interesting and fun too once I've lost some self consciousness about ritual..... I went to see the incumbent before Chritams for an hour and we were still talking after three, which augurs well.


and the font sounds utterly wonderful. Please take notes (and pictures, if you solve that issue)...we've a long way to go.


Ah, I used to live near SGPH, though never went to a service. I do remember the old church in a desperate state of trying not to collapse though.


Yes - it was on my school run route with Alan, so we watched it right through the phoenix process (that's not quite right - it's one of the few S London church rebuilds NOT to have been necessitated by fire!)

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