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February 22, 2007



I'm inclined to say, rather uncharacteristically (not because I don't agree with the principle, but simply because it's a slightly different language from mine) "Praise the Lord!"
Heck, I'm going to say it
That is absolutely splendid and remarkably enlightened of Southwark...I think you'll be the first ever house for duty curate I've come across. Truly excellent. It will surely make the transition in roles easier, as well as the time and money.
So pleased for you :-)


Well, being pedantic, I think the diocese would run a mile rather than describe me as a house for duty curate.... they see this as an arrangement between me and the parish which they graciously ("in a spirit of mutual graciousness"?) sanction. But the effect is the same in practice so let's not quibble about it, And yes, go for it Kathryn: PRAISE THE LORD!

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